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Xoma to 18 aino will be stored in the Load Game option at the Main Menu. Follow also meets cpose other chefs, all of whom are descendants of gourmet chefs or breaks to high-class food businesses, who have likewise come to take the entrance found and transfer in. Up to 18 checkpoints will be stored in the Cottage Game option at the Main Menu. Up to 18 checkpoints will be stored in the Solar Game option at the Main Menu.

Soma meets alumnus and Looking for a friend close in soma Resort head chef Gin Dojima in the bath, who is surprised to see that Soma finished Lloking quickly. Dojima wishes Soma good luck as Takumi Aldini enters the bath, with Aldini shocked to see Soma having casual conversation with a friiend like Dojima. The next day, Soma and Megumi are assigned the task of making the Nine Vegetable Terrinebut this time individually instead of as partners. Alumnus Kojiro Shinomiya, who will be judging the dishes, tells the students to think of each other as enemies.

In the mad rush to claim the best ingredients, the unassertive Megumi is pushed aside and finds only bruised heads of cauliflower remaining by the time she reaches the table. Thinking about what Soma would do in such a situation, Megumi uses wine vinegar to preserve the color and enhance the sweetness of the cauliflower. Shinomiya passes Soma, but fails Megumi for making unauthorized changes to the recipe. Soma defends Megumi fearlessly in the face of the intimidating Shinomiya, angering the latter, who reveals that he intentionally provided a limited number of good cauliflower heads to limit the number of students who could pass.

A furious Soma challenges Shinomiya to a Shokugeki to get Megumi's expulsion rescinded. Thus, Soma and Megumi battle Shinomiya in an unofficial Shokugeki under the condition that Megumi is the lead chef as this Shokugeki is designed to prove Megumi's worthiness as a chef. While Shinomiya makes his dish, Megumi starts to panic. Soma tells her to relax and to focus on making something that's representative of herself and not on what Shinomiya is doing. Megumi begins to cook her dish, with Soma serving as her sous-chef. Shinomiya presents his dish first, the Chou farciand the judges give overwhelming praise to the dish.

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However Dojima is not satisfied by the dish as it was not one of Shinomiya's specialties. Megumi then presents her dish, the Rainbow Terrine. However, when it comes down to voting, all three judges vote for Shinomiya's dish based on the difference between their skill. Just then, Dojima gives his own vote Looking for a friend close in soma Megumi's dish, stating that Shinomiya has allowed his Looking for a friend close in soma to become stale, and that his status as a world famous chef has prevented him from developing his skills any further. This is revealed in flashbacks related to how Shinomiya's climb to fame involved making sure his dishes were made exactly to his recipe, with no tolerance for any kind of change.

When Shinomiya tries Megumi's dish for himself, he comes to understand how her dish was geared towards the needs of those eating it and puts in his own vote for Megumi. With Inui also casting her vote for Megumi, the Shokugeki ends in a tie, with Shinomiya revoking Megumi's expulsion. As Megumi returns to her concerned friends, Soma laments what is, in his eyes, a defeat. As breakfast comes the next day, it is revealed the judges will consist of the hotel's guests and staff, with students needing to hand out servings of their dish in order to pass. While many of the students including Erina, Megumi, Looking for a friend close in soma Takumi all manage to impress Looking for a friend close in soma their dishes, Soma struggles to serve his dish to anyone.

With half an hour left in the challenge, Soma calmly analyzes the situtation and changes his approach, cooking in front of his customers in order to attract a crowd while also delivering the dish in its peak condition. Optimizing his preparation time to cook his omelettes as quickly as possible, Soma manages to complete his servings with mere seconds to spare. Following another task a few hours later, Dojima treats all the surviving students with a banquet to celebrate the end of the training camp. Returning to the Polar Star Dormitory, Soma is surprised to see Joichiro, who is revealed to be an alumnus and former member of the Elite Ten who went by the name Jouchirou Saiba.

As Joichiro treats the returning residents to a meal, Fumio explains that Joichiro and Dojima were once fellow Polar Star residents who were responsible for Looking for a friend close in soma of the luxuries the dorm has. It is also revealed that Erina has fond memories of Joichiro as well. Later that night, Joichiro tells Soma about his campus memories, filling him with more determination. The next morning, Joichiro decides to have a cooking contest against Soma. Soma presents an apple risottowhich provides a crisp taste which changes with the addition of black pepper. Joichiro, on the other hand, presents the unusual choice of ramen which, despite its heavy appearance, turns out to be a mellow and warming vegetarian dish, providing powerful flavor without meat or fish.

The judges unanimously vote Joichiro's dish the winner, though Soma's dish also receives some praise. As Jouichirou takes his leave, he leaves a message recommending Soma visit the Yukihira Diner during the holiday. He learns that the Sumire Shopping District has been doing poor business lately due to the arrival of a popular karaage chain shop, Mozuya. Wanting to help revive the shopping district, Soma decides to come up with a competing karaage recipe, calling in Ikumi as his meat expert while Mayu winds up as his taste tester due to the efforts of mutual friend Aki Koganei to set Mayu up with Soma.

The three do some recon at Mozuya, where they find its CEO Kinu Nakamozu to be a spiteful woman, before beginning work on a karaage recipe of their own. As Soma takes Mayu's suggestion to use their shopping district location to their advantage, it is revealed that the figure behind Mozuya's success is one of the Elite Ten. Opting to go with chicken thigh meat with a chilli-based marinade, Soma gets inspiration from a bento shop owner and decides to serve his karaage in rice flour wraps with salad, providing enhanced flavor, portability, and appeal all at once.

This brings a large amount of business, which in turns helps the rest of the shopping district come back to life, and Nakamozu has no choice but to admit defeat. Afterwards, Soma puts Mayu in charge of helping with the karaage's sales, having noticed her good qualities. Returning to the academy, Soma is brought before Mozuya's puppetmaster, Etsuya Eizan, the ninth seat of the Elite Ten, who informs him that he has been chosen for the Autumn Elections. Megumi is approached by a girl named Miyoko Hojo, who was interested in her shokugeki with Shinomiya but becomes disappointed when she hears she was helped by Soma.

After learning the first dish of the elections is a curry dish, Soma and Megumi pay a visit to Jun Shiomi, an instructor and former Polar Star alumna who specializes in curry and spices, along with her assistant Akira Hayama, who is also in the elections. Using Jun's theories on spices, Akira demonstrates how preparing the same ingredients of a curry dish in different ways can yield drastically different results. Wowed by the powerful flavors of Akira's curry, Soma becomes determined to beat him in the preliminaries. The Autumn Election preliminaries soon arrive, and it is revealed that only the top four from each group will make it through to the tournament phase.

As the contestants begin cooking, Soma appears to have fallen asleep. Meanwhile, Megumi brings out a monkfish for her dish, having learnt how to butcher it in order to help her family. With the cooking period over, the judging soon begins with a harsh panel of judges giving most of the students low scores. In Group B, Nao Sadatsuka, a somewhat creepy girl with an obsession with Erina, presents an extremely pungent laksa dish made using kusaya that secretly carries a delicious flavor under its strong odor, scoring 84 points as a result.

Afterwards, the Aldini brothers face off against each other, with Isami presenting a curry calzone that scores 87 points while Takumi presents a curry pasta dish using tamari soy sauce and cheese filled pasta that scores 90 points. The only thing you can do is run and hide! Only one monster will be present at a time, but sometimes it will appear as if the monster teleported further ahead somehow. Always be on guard! There are a number of ways to find out if a monster is nearby: Keep an eye on your screen.

If your screen starts to glitch out and tear here and there, a monster is nearby. If you're not currently in the ocean, you may be able to hear footsteps or groans coming from a nearby monster. If the music starts getting loud, a monster has noticed you. Once the music really cranks up, a monster will be coming straight for you — run! When a monster is in the area make sure to crouch down and turn off your flashlight. Furthermore, staring at a monster will mess up your screen. Avoid making eye contact as much as possible. Peek and lean around corners if necessary.

There are times when you will need to open a door in an area to progress. Opening a door will always alert a monster.

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